Question by Eva Selena: How do I remove pen ink stain from a new mattress bed?
My bed cost over thousand dollars. It was a gift. I know I should have covered it with a waterproof bed sheet but it’s too late. I got dried blue pen ink stain on it and would like to know if I can get it out without spreading the stain.

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Answer by Michael M
Try using hair spray. Spray some on the ink and wipe the stain gently with a cloth. I got black ink on my couch once and this trick worked for me, but the stain hadn’t been there long and didn’t have time to set. Good luck.

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11 Comments on Q&A: How do I remove pen ink stain from a new mattress bed?

  1. Nancy S says:

    Try a commercial ink remover, or use rubbing alcohol. There is a number for removing ink from a marking pen, 1-800-CRAYOLA.

  2. Gerald says:

    Eva–did you say that it is a rental and must be returned in perfect condition????You are about to lose your damage deposit. Spending that kind of money on a place to sleep is OK. That bed had better be a sleeper or do you wake in the morning with back problems. ??? I would not bother unless the mattress inspector comes around and takes a look under the sheets. If the pen is staining your sheets –put 1000 mile an hour duct tape over the stain till in gets old and dries up.

  3. staceyx3 says:

    Try using Shout. Let it sit for a minute then wipe with a warm wet cloth.

  4. saaanen says:

    Who cares, unless it’s a rental? God bless sheets!

  5. debhas5 says:

    Hair spray will take most of the ink out, but it will also spread the stain a bit, and it’ll take lots of elbow grease. Waterproof mattress covers are horrible to sleep on. They make you sweat more, and make noises. If you want to try the hair spray, use a clean dry cloth, and keep moving the cloth around so you’re not just reapplying the old ink. Good luck.

  6. Sandra K W says:

    I have heard that hairspray will remove ink stains.

  7. Rochelle N says:

    I know they make commercial ink remover.

  8. EDWARD H K says:

    Try one of those pen type stain removers, made by Tide or clorox. They won’t “hurt” your mattress.

  9. shortstuff says:

    Spray lots of hair spray on the spot, then blot it up with paper towels until all the ink comes up. You may have to spray extra hairspray on the spot to get it all up. When you do so, wipe over the spot with a damp cloth to get rid of the hairspray. Blot with paper towel or let it air dry.

  10. IloveYou a says:

    Bleach and then try hairspray or nail polish remover

  11. Shivank says:

    Rub the matteres with a cloth dipped in warm water and stain remover.

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